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Restaurant Impossible - a National Television Series.....
BUTWhat Happens After 'Restaurant - Impossible' Leaves Town ... NY Times reports July 9, 2012
www.nytimes.com/.../what-happens-after-restaurant-impossibl...ShareJul 9, 2012 – 
Revamping Restaurants Impossible; decorations, service, menus and kitchen in 2 days, then what happens when they move on to the next....? 
The Chef Robert Irvine works his magic on ailing dining spots for “Restaurant: Impossible,” but not all of his improvements stick.

Restaurant Impossible of Florida 
On the other hand can revamp the restaurants decor, service, menus, kitchen and more as we are able to stay with individual restaurants as long as ownership desires us to do so, and/or are available to consult with them on an as needed basis. 
Our Food and Beverage and Restaurant portfolio ranges from high volume, full-service restaurants to mid size casual-service properties. We have consulted, managed and owned inventively eclectic restaurants in the U.S., Panama, France and Northern Italy. 

Philippe J. Fontanelli, CHA, CFBE 
Restaurant Impossible of Florida.
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Philippe Fontanelli
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        RESTAURANT IMPOSSIBLE of Southwest Florida is a division of Excelsior Hospitality Management ® Florida.  
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